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University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis Campus & Minneapolis Convention • April 14th - 16th, 2020

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About IoTFuse

The tech world had recently woken up and realized that with easily connectable wireless platforms and cloud services being easy to access – the Internet of Things was a real possibility. Of course, the knowledge and know-how about how to actually accomplish that connectivity was still fairly sparse. We believe that the main incentive which drives a knowledge worker to convene at a date is high-quality information and skill-building content which advances individuals’ careers and cannot be easily sourced online. IoTFuse is a 3-Day event made up of 2 days of workshops and a conference on the final day.


Workshops offered on the first 2-days of this 3-day event are IoT centered educational skill-building classes designed to teach those interested in connectivity and hardware new skills by engaging hands-on with real-world technology. These classes are taught by company innovators that have experience in the IoT connective space. Attendees walk away with tangible skills from these technical classes and as of 2020, new thought-focused strategic workshops. Workshops provide attendees with the perfect environment to take part in making connections by placing them in class sized workshop rooms where networking comes naturally. We welcome interested knowledge-seekers to join us for this years IoTFuse event!

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Why Attend IoTFuse 2020?


Still deciding if you want to attend IoTFuse 2020? Here are some reasons why you should:


  • Community-Focused

    The IoTFuse Conference grew out of an organically grown community of engineers who are passionate about connected technology and the incredible positive ramifications that technology will have on our future. That community is still thriving and invites you to join!

  • Thought Leadership

    From speakers to sponsors to attendees, the type of people that attend IoTFuse are subject matter experts and leaders in their industry. Not only will you hear from them, but the intimate environment at IoTFuse offers the opportunity to network with those individuals.

  • Bleeding Edge Tech

    The technology displayed at IoTFuse is not only innovative and transformative, but the engineers, developers, and executives behind it are blazing the trail forward in how these technologies effectively come to market.

  • Year-Round Engagement

    By joining the IoTFuse community, you gain access to much more than a three-day conference. There are Monthly MeetUps, Hack Days, and more events where you can further hone your knowledge and skills are IoT technologies. Stay in-the-loop year round!

Why host the IoTFuse in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis is a relatively unknown tech powerhouse in flyover country. While most events of this nature are held on the coasts, Minneapolis boasts numerous accolades that prove it is worthy of large-scale events. Among many other merits, Minnesota:

 – Hosts 19 Fortune 500 companies headquarters

 – Ranks Top 10 nationwide in multiple patent categories, 4th in Technology and Science Workforce, and 5th in Technology and Innovation

 – Nearly half a billion in venture capital investment in 2017

 – Minnesota IoT is actively supported by the State Government as mentioned in this state report. Read More by Minnesota DEED


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  • Access to talks from 30+ visionary speakers in a variety of industries deploying IoT solutions
  • Access to all talks after the conference day
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  • Access to two days of workshops on the 14th and 15th of April, 2020
  • Multiple 2-hour long workshops with multiple hardware and/or software giveaways
  • Maximum learning opportunity including hands-on skills training
  • All benefits of the Conference Only Pass
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  • Access to all sessions and same-day workshops (Two-day workshops for IoTFuse 2020 are not included)
  • Access to presentations after the conference
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  • Access to full 3-Day Event including all Sessions, Workshops & Conference.
  • Ability to set up meetings with potential partners for future projects through our “Access to Meeting” app.
  • Post-Conference Material Including Speaker Presentations and Videos.
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