What is IoTFuse?




About IoTFuse

Beginning as a small gathering of IoT enthusiasts, IoTFuse has developed into Minnesotas largest IoT conference and more recently the worlds first IoT powered digital experience. Attendees from all over the world can watch live workshops and speaker sessions from a variety of top organizations from the comfort of their own home! Learn about technology, network with others, and see how the world of the Internet of Things is solving tomorrows problems today.

We welcome you to attend our collection of monthly virtual experiences! Over the years we evolved into a nationally recognized conference with community focused beginnings and now a series of monthly digital experiences. Learn from top leading organizations , speakers, and IoT workshops. Watch videos LIVE and network with other attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and more. Join us for the next chapter of the story!

Community-Focused Beginnings


  • The tech world had recently woken up and realized that with easily connectable wireless platforms and cloud services being easy to access – the Internet of Things was a real possibility. Of course, the knowledge and know-how about how to actually accomplish that connectivity was still fairly sparse.





IoT Fuse is a non-profit (501.c.3) professional network of makers, innovators, and business leaders in the Internet of Things space. Based in Minneapolis, IoT Fuse is the largest group of its kind in the United States.  IoT Fuse holds an annual IoT Fuse Conference, as well as monthly “user group” style meetings and a yearly IoT Hackday in the late fall. 
Fusing together industry thought leaders with executives, builders and innovators.