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IoT Fuse 2019

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Talk Classifications

As you are applying to speak, please consider the following classifications for your content as this will dictate how talks are displayed to attendees.


► On the top level, talks will be organized by the industry that they most closely relate to and whether the talk is technically or business focused.


► After that, each talk description will include some kind of business case descriptor as yet to be determined.


► Finally, each talk will include tags on more specific topics. You do not need to condsider every single classification, but it is good to keep them in mind as you apply to help attendees filter which types of talks is best for them to attend.


► Pending a given talk’s acceptance, we will work with the speaker to appropriately classify that talk.



    • Smart City

    • Energy

    • Agriculture

    • Medical

    • Manufacturing

    • Retail

Possible Ways To Describe The Technology Used


One way that Internet of Things technologies and use cases can be described is by talking about where they may fit into the, “technology stack” which in the Utility Industry, as an example, is sometimes generalized to refer to where along the grid the sensing or processing takes place – is it in the “first mile or last mile?”  Feel free to use these terms as descriptors if you would like.


Business Case Stages


No two technological projects are at the same stage in their lifetime – some are earlier on, some are in the implementation stage with millions of devices.  All are welcome.  Feel free to use any of the above terms to help frame up where a particular business case you may be talking about exists, or use and define your own terms.

Audience Profiles

A wide variety of technology practitioners and enthusiasts attend IoT Fuse.  There are three days of programming:



► The first two days, April 23rd and 24th, 2019 (Tuesday and Wednesday) are workshops which are designed to be technical in nature, and include two hour timeslots, classroom format.  The audience at these talks are mostly engineers, a breakdown is shown in the below image.



► April 25th 2019 (Thursday) is the big conference day, which is seminar format, 30-45 minutes per session (depending upon the session).  Whereas the workshops are mostly technical in nature, the attendees for the actual conference day come from a generally less technical background on average.  The purpose of the third day is more to share business and project implementation learnings – however we will include a few short, “workshop style” talks which are not so interactive as the prior two days of workshops.  A breakdown of the Thursday event is shown below.





In short – both talks that are business and vision oriented and code / technical in nature will take place on Thursday, but the technical talks should not go as deep as the Wednesday Workshops. We are looking forward to recieving your applications!