IoT Fuse 2019 Workshop Series


  • Workshops – April 23rd

    2-hour, hands-on style classes

  • Workshops – April 24th

    2-hour, hands-on style classes

  • Conference & Expo – April 25th

    30-minute, seminar-style classes


Now in our second year, the IoT Fuse Workshop Series is the world’s most robust Internet of Things skill-building workshop series.


Features of the series include:


– Classes on the critical Internet of Things technical skills to help solve your challenges
– Access to over 24 different classes spanning over two days
– Widest range of the Internet of Things technical classes by major players and other innovative companies:

   – Embedded Systems

   – Sensors and Hardware

   – Connectivity

   – Building applications

   – Usage of the cloud

   – Security

   – Analytics, including Machine Learning, Edge, and more!

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Workshops are laid out in a way that balances depth and variety


This overall layout will accelerate workshop attendees in their Internet of Things development process, balancing the variety needed to cross multiple technology platforms with the depth needed to have substance within a particular topic.


Signups for individual classes will open in late February 2019. Individuals who sign up for their tickets earlier will have priority seating and attendance.




We welcome your input on how to make the workshops meet your needs.  We have put together this form to ask some questions about how to best serve your team’s needs in the context of the workshop.  Please feel free to let us know here and we can reach out to you for more details.


Workshop Solutions Intake Form


To check out last year’s IoTFuse programming, including workshops, click below:


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All Access Pass (Regular Price $699)

  • Limited Quantity At This Price: 20
  • The "All Access Pass" is the perfect pass for an individual who wants to take advantage of the full 3-day learning experience at IoTFuse
  • This pass includes...
  • Access to two days of workshops on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2019
  • Eight 2-hour long workshops with multiple hardware and/or software giveaways
  • Includes Lunch and refreshments
  • Maximum learning opportunity including hands-on skills training
  • All benefits of the Conference Only Pass
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