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IoTFuse 2020 Speaker Schedule

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april, 2020




IoTFuse 2020 Talk Classification

Talks at IoTFuse will be classified using the categories below to help guide attendees to the talks most pertinent to them.


  • Industry

    Various industries will be highlighted at IoTFuse 2020, as well as some talks that focus on general technology trends. Use this identifier to find talks in your industry or to find leaders from similar industries to get new ideas.



  • The IoTFuse audience varies widely, and so do the talks. Use this tool to help find the talks that are technically-focused, business-focused, or a hybrid.


VIP 1-on-1 Sessions

Technology is rarely a barrier to the success of a project. Often, we find that technology is the easiest (relatively speaking) part of a transformative project, and in fact, the human elements can be the most difficult. If you are developing a connected product you may be realizing just how much there is to consider. You are invited to take part in an exclusive 1-on-1 VIP session during IoTFuse with our industry experts, national leaders in creating successful Connected Products for their clients.


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Hands-On Workshops

  • Days 1 & 2 of programming on April 14th and 15th
  • In-Depth and technical classes
  • Environment fosters greater collaboration and relationships
  • Walk away with tangible skills from up to 8 different classes

Ready to get hands-on with the latest and best IoT technologies? Whether you are an embedded engineer, software developer, data analyst, or just a techie looking to stay up-to-date with the current trends, there are workshops at IoT Fuse 2020 to fit your needs!

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High-Quality Sessions

  • Speakers at the tip of the innovation spear
  • Network with other thought-leaders in your field
  • Stay up to date with your customers and partners
  • Grow your understanding of the IoT field to advance your career

Hear from IoT industry leaders like AWS, Arrow, and Digi International. Whether you want to hear about the latest and greatest technologies or hear from visionaries on how to succeed in the IoT space, there are talks at IoT Fuse 2020 for you!

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