IoTFuse 2020 Workshop Series

Get Access to 2 days of Workshops with the ALL ACCESS PASS - April 14th and 15th, 2020

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IoTFuse 2020 Workshop Series

Now in our third year, the IoT Fuse Workshop Series is the world’s most robust Internet of Things skill-building workshop series.


  • Technical Workshops – April 14th

    2-hour, hands-on style classes

  • Technical + Strategic Workshops – April 15th

    2-hour, hands-on style classes

  • Conference & Expo – April 16th

    30-minute, seminar-style classes

  • Features of the techinical workshop series include:


    – Classes on the critical Internet of Things technical skills to help solve your challenges
    – Access to over 24 different classes spanning over two days
    – Widest range of the Internet of Things technical classes by major players and other innovative companies:

       – Embedded Systems

       – Sensors and Hardware

       – Connectivity

      – Building Applications

      – Cloud Platforms

       – Security

       – Analytics, including Machine Learning, Edge, and more!

  • Workshops are laid out in a way that balances depth and variety


The overall layout will accelerate workshop attendees in their IoT development process. By balancing the variety needed to cross multiple technology platforms, and maintaining the depth needed to have substance within a particular topic, the IoTFuse Workshops series can’t be missed!



To sweeten the deal even more, there will be numerous giveaways as well! You can get a total value of $500 or more! Here are a few examples of giveaway items:


– Radio Bridge Sensor

– Digi Xbee Category M Radio kits with 6 months of service active on it

– NimbeLink LTE Cat M1 Skywire, SW Development Shield, Skywire Sensor Shield

– Open Source code from multiple workshops including Rover Robotics, 75F, and Beyond Impact

– Swag from various workshops

– You get to take home your AR design from The Nerdery

– $300 credit for Google Developer Platform

– Amazon AWS IoT Button and a free 30-day RemoteAware demonstration account

– 8.5×11” Wireless Charging Portfolio from Creation Technologies

– Microchip AVR-IoT WG

– NXP IoT Rapid Prototype Kit discount


Learn about NEW Strategic Workshops


Strategic Workshops are new to IoTFuse and will be held on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 — available to all ACCESS PASS and FUSE PASS holders.

Strategic Workshops

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