Connected World’s IoT Podcast

peggy-shmedley-cwEarlier today we came across a publication that we thought you’d like to know about called Connected World. A woman named Peggy Smedley is the editorial director of Connected World magazine (and its sister publication Constructech), as well as the president of Specialty Publishing Co.

While learning about IoT developments is always good in publications and posts, we primarily bring this to your attention since Ms. Smedley also has an IoT podcast (with nearly 450 shows) called The Peggy Smedley Show. Self-described as, “…one of the most influential voices for technology innovators, using her radio show and magazines as a resource to feature discussions, while offering in-depth analysis on M2M/IoT (Internet of Things)” her podcast covers such topics as: the Connected Home; Cybersecurity; Energy; Fleets; Health/Fitness; Manufcaturing; and much more.

We are always on the hunt for great perspectives on IoT and a podcast is a terrific way to learn alot in a short period of time. Ms. Smedley has on solid guests, is entertaining and full of energy herself as well, so we recommend you give it a listen.

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