Convince Your Boss

Note: This page is for historical purposes only. Hopefully we will be able to do a physical conference again some day. For now, check out our digital offerings here:


We know that justifying large expenses on behalf of learning can be a challenge!

So, let us help you in making that as painless as possible. Read our key suggestions below and use the tools linked to assist. We have drafted an expense worksheet that will help budget out all the costs associated with attending our event, a sample letter that you could send to your boss, and a list of the types of organizations that attend our event.


– Make sure to make a plan for each day on the types of talks that you will attend and how they will benefit your current role

– Check out the Sponsors and Exhibitors and make a short-list of high-value connections to make

– Use the Where to Stay in Minneapolis tool to find good hotels close to the Convention Center

– Read more from MNDEED on the strength of the IoT and general tech market in Minnesota – Read More Here