MCCI® develops system software that is embedded into our customers’ consumer electronics products. We focus on open standards for connectivity, such as USB. Our software modules are highly portable, so they can be embedded into almost any class of product. By using our software, our customers can focus on the areas that make their products special, rather than wasting effort on re-implementing obscure standards and solving compatibility headaches. Our global engineering teams work side by side with our customers to ensure that they’re successful.

We also offer a range of test equipment based on our software. The MCCI Catena® 1910 HSIC USB emulator/analyzer is the industry’s leading test tool for High-Speed Interchip USB; it uses the MCCI USB DataPump® USB host and device stacks to create high-fidelity host and device emulations.

Our customers range from start-ups to first-tier consumer electronics manufacturers. We have a variety of licensing models to accommodate our customers’ different needs.

Whether you’re looking for the next new thing in connectivity, or just want to make sure your product family’s USB features will be trouble free, MCCI can offer a product that is cost-effective and highly reliable.

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