Rapid Interface

Rapid Interface

We are a tribe of product developers. We think new products are where it is at. So we want to help product developers and engineers get their prototypes and new products done quickly. With the advent of 3D printing, and quick turn online suppliers for common components there has never been a better time to be a product developer (or engineer). But – from time to time a developer or engineer needs a custom interface for their project, and they need it quickly. That’s where we, at Rapid Interface, come in.

Our online design tool allows developers and engineers to specify what they want for an interface, and it allows them to do it quickly. Our production process allows us to ship custom interfaces faster than anyone… It isn’t even close. And our online account management suite allows you to look at the history of what you have done with us, so that future client needs are easy to handle.

Whether you are setting up an R&D test
You are developing a new remote control
You are creating a custom industrial interface
You need a few simple buttons for a consumer product
You should be working with us. Set up an account today

Our entire business has been created to provide you with what you need quickly.

We are Rapid Interface!

We ship custom printed Interfaces… Rapidly!

…Yeah, we are better at math than English…

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