Honeywell’s Connected HomeKit Thermostat

hw-lyricWe’re always interested when a local Minnesota company innovates with IoT, especially if they’re a major organization like Honeywell.

The Verge has a good article on their site about how Honeywell takes on Nest with a HomeKit thermostat and begins with this:

If thermostats can be cool, Nest certainly makes the coolest. Its connected thermostat is the iconic smart home product, and traditional home companies have raced to catch up. Honeywell, one of the industry’s leaders, unveiled its answer a couple years back: the Lyric smart thermostat. And now, the Lyric is getting a key upgrade; a new version is being unveiled today that integrates with Apple’s HomeKit. It’s available to preorder for $249.99, with units expected in stores around February 1st.

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