IoT Events Site

iot-eventsWhile on the hunt for a client who was interested in knowing about IoT events around the world, I came across a site called (obviously enough) Internet of Things Events.

The site is one of several event compilation sites done by TechForge, an independent publishing company based in Bristol, UK. They’re a group who publishes, “…thought-leadership content on our digital portfolio of technology news sites and share these articles across our social channels, which have a combined following of over two million technology industry professionals.

Why would I point to a UK-based publisher’s list of IoT events globally? I’ve often said that the UK—and to an extent Europe overall—is significantly ahead of the U.S. when it comes to thought leadership surrounding IoT. This is especially true when it comes to smart cities (just look at all the smart city-focused conferences on that events list) but is also ahead of us when it comes to the industrial internet of things.

Check out Internet of Things Events.

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