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Visit Site is a seperately organized conference connected to IoTFuse.  Within this conference we look into the details within the connected Agro-Industry.  Check out our dedicated site for this conference below!






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Why Attend is a community of enthusiasts in the global connected agriculture sector.  Our innagural conference took place in January 2020 in St. Paul, Minnesota at the University of Minnesota Ag Campus.

We now continue forward as a digital experience, bringing together key industries and sector experts to share knowledge in this important and growing area.

The world population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion people by the year 2050 and over 11 billion by 2100.  Many children born today in the 2020’s will still be around in this brave new world of increasing demands on infrastructure and ecosystems, all of them will require food, clothing, fuel and other resources and materials from the rural world.

The efficiency and effectiveness with which we can grow, extract and transport these resources over the next century will be pivotal for the history of humanity.  The difference of small percentages of increases in efficiency in the global agromaterials supply chain will affect hundreds of millions of people’s quality of live and livelihood.  At the same time, whereas half of the population lives in rural areas around the world today, only a third will live in rural areas by the year 2050.

This massive shift in resource utilization and population has staggering implications for how materials are transported how plants are grown, how water is used and how the entire system remains safe and secure. Our future engineering, communication and technology efforts must balance the needs of the shrinking rural population ratio and the reality of an ever-growing population.

To that effect, is dedicated to exploring topics around automated farming, geolocation and transportation, long range and wireless communication, data systems, connectivity and new business models which help growers and industrial facilitators all along the supply chain.  This means not only the large industrial farms and agro-conglomerates, but also the small innovative farms, producers and small businesses which represent the bulwark of the rural global economy. We are a technology and internet connectivity-first digital experience and conference which aims to improve understanding, educate players in the field of many different sizes, and to add value by giving voice to different perspectives.

If you are interested, please join us.  We look forward to having you.

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