IoTFuse 2021 IoT Workshops

Live Streaming Worldwide: (April 15th, 2021)

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About the IoTFuse Workshops

The Internet of Things Fuse, “IoTFuse” Workshops are a great way to get engaged in some of the latest hardware and software integrations from talented instructors.

The IoTFuse Workshop, now in its 4th year, is streaming to you live globally in its second year, this time across multiple platforms and with a wide variety of useful Internet of Things workshops.

Why Attend

If you aspire to work in the world of remote sensing, or bring remote sensing and automation to your workplace, become a part of our community, which includes networking with like-minded Internet of Things practitioners as well as hands-on learning sessions from fascinating instructors.  Our community-based app includes discussion boards and peer-to-peer networking.

Content in the IoTFuse Workshops

15 different instructors will guide you through various levels of Internet of Things workshops, including, but not limited to:

* Work with the hardware level, which includes wiring up sensors, tips and tricks on electronic design and interfacing with common firmware and embedded computing systems.

* Coding at the firmware level, leveraging C++ and potentially other low level languages to work with embedded, open source systems that leverage micro-controllers, e.g. Arduino.

* Coding and networking on embedded linux devices, e.g. Raspberry Pi and possibly other embedded compute systems.

* Networking and wireless protocols to get your data from one place to another, wirelessly, whether through bluetooth, Wifi, cellular, LoRa or other examples.

* Ready made cloud platforms and cloud integrations to quickly and easily be able to store your data for later use.

* Different perspectives on Internet of Things data, including such categories of analysis which use visualization, time series analysis, fault detection and image or audio recognition.

All together, our workshops represent the sum total of the, “Ultra Full Stack,” IoT engineer, ranging from hardware to insights.

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