Minnesota Business: Igniting the Internet of Things

Tom O'Neill, CEO of The Nerdery

Tom O’Neill, CEO of The Nerdery

Minnesota Business magazine’s Kevyn Burger stopped by our 2016 conference and wrote Igniting the Internet of Things for the publication.

In the article she outlines what IoT means and points out some of the key statistics given by IoTFuse cofounder, Justin Grammens. She highlighted the CEO of our Platinum sponsor The Nerdery, Tom O’Neill, who had this to say about IoTFuse and IoT overall:

“The fastest growing part of our business is connected devices. We want to get exposed to what people are doing; we want our developers to be here to learn and meet other people who are doing interesting things.”

Read Ms. Burger’s article to get a snapshot of the conference and Mr. O’Neill’s take on it.

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