0G Applications for Building Smart and Connected Cities

MCC Room #203

11:00 am - 11:30 am

In this session, we will explore how a 0G network can be deployed to support system-wide connectivity and empower cities to manage infrastructure systems.

Building smart and connected cities requires reimaging conventional roles and rethinking what is possible. For example, in a smart city, the role of the Department Streets and Sanitation is no longer limited to maintaining the public right of way. In fact, in cities across the world, Departments of Streets and Sanitation (or their local equivalents) are effectively evolving into Departments of Connectivity. That is, they are deploying and managing an array of connected devices that gather actionable data used to make operational decisions. Similar disruptions in conventional roles can be seen in city departments tasked with managing water, transportation, energy, and other critical infrastructure systems. Urban infrastructure systems are not discrete silos operating in isolation from one another. Neither is connectivity.

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