5G Communications: Better, Stronger, Faster

MCC Room #202

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Meet the Speakers


Don’t take a wrong turn on your LTE path. The IoT not only means more devices will be connected, but also that more devices will be better connected. Next-generation improvements include higher speeds, lower cost, lower latency and lower power requirements – all driving more efficient, more effective and more profitable business solutions. At this session, we will discuss where to start, which LTE path gives you the best results for your application, and how to analyze the trade-offs in order to get better connected. You’ll also see some real-world applications at work.

Key Concepts: CAT 1, CAT M, CAT 6, CAT “X”, NB IOT, Next Gen
• Review the two paths of LTE and the future of IoT with 5G