Building Enterprise & Industrial IoT Web Applications Without Coding

UST Room #407

1:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Cloud & Apps

How This Fits Into IoT

This session focuses on building secure and scalable customer-facing IoT applications to provide technical and non-technical users “single pane of glass” visibility to their assets.

We’ll show how to build applications for wired and wireless sensors, PLCs and equipment communicating to the Internet using embedded and off the shelf cellular, LPWAN (LoRa, Sigfox), Ethernet and satellite communications hardware.

We’ll cover cloud integrations with Amazon AWS Iot, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, data analytics, machine learning and line of business applications.

What Attendees Do

Attendees will build an end-to-end enterprise-scalable, responsive web IoT application with live sensor data using the RemoteAware IoT Application Service.. No hardware or programming experience is required.

Learning Objectives

You have your IoT device sending data to the cloud.  Now what?

This workshop is for equipment manufacturers, distributors, and IoT solution providers who want to provide their customers secure and scalable enterprise IoT solutions. We’ll provide practical steps to speed your connected product from concept to successful full-scale deployment

We’ll cover:
• Building real-time dashboards for non-technical end users
• IoT security
• Achieving hardware, communications and cloud independence
• Integrating with Amazon AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
• Enterprise scalability
• Integrating with analytics, machine learning, & line of business applications

If you’re just starting your IoT initiative, stuck in a “proof of concept” nightmare, or looking to expand your IoT offerings, this workshop is for you.

What Attendees Bring

Laptop computer.  Creativity.

Knowledge Required

This hands-on workshop is for both technical and business professionals. No hardware or programming knowledge is required.

Pre-class Set-up

Please register for this workshop so we can create your user account in advance.

What Attendees Receive

Amazon AWS IoT Button and a free 30-day RemoteAware demonstration account.

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