Device Connectivity; Integrating Devices to the Cloud and Getting Set Up For Apps

UST Room #316

1:15 pm - 3:15 pm


How This Fits Into IoT

IoT centers around connecting devices to the internet but it can be difficult to get devices that use different protocols to communicate with each other. Wireless mesh protocols like Zigbee and Z-Wave have been around for 15+ years and are popular in home and smart building IoT systems, but connecting these devices to each other and to the internet requires a hub and extra software to bridge the different protocols. Some device manufacturers choose to avoid the hub altogether by using Wi-Fi to get their device on the Internet and to connect it to a cloud-based service. However, this frequently requires a custom mobile application to interact with the device and it doesn’t automatically allow for integrations with other types of devices. In this workshop, we’ll show how easy it can be to connect different types of devices to the Internet so that they can be integrated with each other in useful and exciting ways.

What Attendees Do

Attendees will learn how to integrate both a Zigbee device and a Wi-Fi device to the SmartThings platform. The Zigbee device will connect via the SmartThings hub and the Wi-Fi device will connect via a cloud service external to the SmartThings platform.

Learning Objectives

See how easy it is to connect devices to the SmartThings platform using different communication technologies which them allows them to be integrated in unique and exciting ways.

What Attendees Bring

Laptop is needed, everything can be configured through a browser, all major browsers should be workable.  Android or iPhone smartphone is needed for configuration and setup of the hub and control of the end node devices.

Attendee Preparation Work (Downloads, Reading)

Pre-Install the SmartThings App on your SmartPhone.

If you are not able to set up the app ahead of time, we can provide a pre-shared Samsung account at the workshop.

Knowledge Required

Extremely light coding knowledge is encouraged, however for the most part this will involve copy and pasting code. We can have as much boilerplate code as necessary in our ready-to-go web-based development environment.

Pre-class Set-up

See, “Attendee Preparation” above. Here are links to the apps for your SmartPhones:


What Attendees Receive


Link to Image of Giveaway if Applicable


Links and Additional Reading Material

Here’s an overview to the platform:

Here is where you can find the iOS and Android Apps:

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