Care About IoT Privacy And Security? Easily Build Your Own Smart Home With Mozilla WebThings Framework

UST Room #421

1:15 pm - 3:15 pm


How This Fits Into IoT
Your smart home device data does not need to be processed in the cloud. You can even speak commands completely locally, and privately. Mozilla WebThings framework puts people first, giving consumers privacy, security, and interoperability across commercial and DIY IoT devices.

What Attendees Do
Gain experience with Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway (demo), then program your own developer board as a smart home device and connect it to the gateway.

Learning Objectives
Learn the importance of privacy, security, and interoperability around IoT devices, and how to implement these principles in your own home. See how easy it is to set up, and how a free and open source software system enables you to avoid monthly service fees.

What Attendees Bring
Laptop (any OS)

Knowledge Required
Simple willingness to learn while having fun.

Pre-class Set-up
Download microBlocks IDE from Optionally set up a Mozilla WebThings gateway at home in advance (not required, but if ambitious, check out

What Attendees Receive
Possibly a free developer board (if a hardware sponsor can be found). At a minimum, each attendee will be lent a board to learn how to turn it into a “web thing” and connect it to the Mozilla gateway.

Links and Additional Reading Material