Measure Twice, Cut Once – Prototyping Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

UST Room #421

10:15 am - 12:15 pm



How This Fits Into IoT

How do you make sense of data by placing it in context?  AR can be used to show large amounts of complex processes and data within a machine itself.  AR matches with connected devices and machines used across multiple industries including warehousing, manufacturing and heavy industry

What Attendees Do

This is a hands-on workshop focused on the design of augmented reality experiences that fit the environment.  We will show how to concept and test out an AR product step by step before you invest in development.

Learning Objectives

This is an introduction to Augmented Reality, with the idea being that we are going to focus on design risk mitigation.

What Attendees Bring

Laptop, we will bring the materials…come to our workshop to see which materials those are!

Knowledge Required

Curiosity about the medium itself!

What Attendees Receive

You get to take home your design.

Links and Additional Reading Material

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