Accelerating Your Cellular and Software Development with Managed Services

MCC Room #202

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

As a developer of IoT products you have several important decisions to make, and foremost among them is this: How much of your cellular development and backend connectivity management will you build vs. buy?

For those of you with diverse engineering teams, broad technical capabilities, and unlimited time, the build route might be your logical choice. But for everyone else – those of you who want to quickly get to market and create value – there are compelling technologies and managed services that can shorten your path to success.

This presentation will reveal the typical process for cellular and software development, and identify those portions where technologies and managed services offer the greatest opportunities for shrinking your time to value.

NimbeLink is a world leader in edge-based cellular connectivity devices and solutions, including end-device certified Skywire embedded modems and application-ready asset tracking solutions. The company makes connecting things to the Internet as fast and as easy as it can be, eliminating risk and accelerating value creation.

OptConnect, a long-time customer of NimbeLink, provides secure, monitored wireless connections for unattended equipment such as ATMs, kiosks, and digital signs. The company also offers a connectivity managed-service platform that enables you to manage and monitor your devices and your data 24/7.

Building your own platform and user interface with similar capabilities would require significant amounts of software development. NimbeLink and OptConnect will lead you through the projected development time for each of the following functionalities:


Creating a bi-directional communications link

Off-network monitoring and reconnection

FOTA updates for the device, modem and module

Remotely turn off and restart your device

Carrier certification

Carrier monitoring

Device analytics and monitoring


Power Management

So, whether you deploy dozens of connected devices or thousands, only you can decide where the ideal spot is for your use case on the Build vs. Buy continuum.

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