Demystifying Cat M1 and NB-IoT – Which Is Best For YOU!

UST Room #407

10:15 am - 12:15 pm


How This Fits Into IoT

If you’re about to begin an IoT device development program, and you plan to use cellular, you’re absolutely going to consider CAT M1 and NB-IoT technologies. The all-important question is, “What do you need to know to choose the right technology for your use case?”

This workshop will focus on equipping you with the essential information you need to know about CAT M1 and NB-IoT, and how you can apply this knowledge in successfully designing your cellular connected device.

What Attendees Do

The first half of the workshop will focus on education – defining, comparing, and contrasting CAT M1 and NB-IoT Technologies and the types of applications that best fit each one. In the second half of the workshop, attendees will apply this new knowledge as they work with a development kit to send data over a CAT M1 network.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn how carriers are structuring and deploying these networks and, as a result, how they as customers must design and deploy their devices.

Learn the specifications of each technology and their comparative strengths:

  • Power consumption
  • Coverage
  • Range
  • Throughput

Understand the implications for device design, including which features of these technologies are most relevant to my use case?

What Attendees Bring


Attendee Preparation Work (Downloads, Reading)

Install Python Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook ahead of time.  Per the notes on operating system above, it would be easier to use Mac or Linux to do this, but we will be posting some information on using Windows, or you can default back to Azure Notebooks (with the above mentioned risks involved).  We can spend a few moments ahead of time setting stuff up, but for the sake of other attendees in the class, if you are able to set it up ahead of time that will make things easier.

Knowledge Required

This is designed for anyone with a basic programming background, ideally with a Python background.  Much of the data analytics and deployment profession is done with Python these days, so even if you have not gotten started with Python yet, this will be a great chance to get you started.

We will walk through the entire workflow with a Jupyter Notebook. I will be posting the entire code base online prior to the event here, so if you are not super familiar with Python, you can always copy and paste and follow along.

Pre-class Set-up

Setup an Azure Developer Account
Install Jupyter Notebook on your laptop.
Code will be pre-deployed on Github ahead of time and linked from here.

What Attendees Receive

NimbeLink LTE Cat M1 Skywire, SW Development Shield, Skywire Sensor Shield

Link to Image of Giveaway if Applicable


Links and Additional Reading Material

Specific software will be emailed to registrants for download ahead of the workshop

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