Prototyping with NXP Rapid IoT Kit

UST Room #420

8:00 am - 10:00 am



How This Fits Into IoT

Winning in the market requires a great idea…and speed. NXP’s Rapid Prototyping solutions not only let you play with the latest technology, but also change device behavior, and ultimately, get your own unique design to proof-of-concept. Bring your ideas to life quickly and easily – and win.

What Attendees Do

Last year, attendees to NXP’s workshop created a proof of concept solution using multiple sensors and then streamed that data to the cloud for actualization. Click Here to View

This year, we will change the proof of concept that we’re building, but since that point, the product has had multiple applications built on it so we can build and expand upon exciting new projects. We will walk you through one of these exciting projects.

Learning Objectives

Connect sensors on the Rapid IoT kit to the cloud using NXP’s Rapid IoT Studio. Rapidly go from the out of box demo to creating your proof of concept without having to write C code.

What Attendees Bring

Laptop with Bluetooth connectivity capability and/or Laptop and Smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity capability. Basically, you need some laptop or phone to connect to the NXP Rapid IoT Kit to connect by Bluetooth. A laptop is needed to connect with the cloud studio.

Attendee Preparation Work (Downloads, Reading) 

Getting familiar with the rapid IoT Kit through this link here would be wonderful. Click Here

Knowledge Required

Basic PC skills

Pre-Class Setup

What Attendees Receive

IoT Rapid Prototype Kit discount –

Links and Additional Reading Material

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