The New Frontier of IoT Wireless Network Providers: Which Network Is Right For You?

UST Room #421

8:00 am - 10:00 am


Meet the Speaker

How This Fits Into IoT

There are a myriad of different types of wireless networks on the, “frontier” of IoT which at this point in time can still be confusing for any IoT practitioner.  The data plan, the reach, reliability and cost per unit of the different, “non-traditional,” long range wireless networks can vary considerably. Whereas cell phone towers have fixed data plans allow you pay on a per device basis, long distance and non-traditional wireless networks are not all the same!  There are costs of hardware, service and infrastructure (payment plan) trade-offs for which it is important for individuals working on the forefront of distributed things to be intimately familiar in order to build the best products.

What Attendees Do

We will hand out a pile of sensors, each workshop attendee can choose what sensor they want – water, magnet switches, humidity, temperature, push-button products, industrial sensors with interesting crazy interfaces.  Attendees will be able to grab either a Lora, Sigfox or other long-range network based product that we have available and compare from actual performance.

Attendees will look at what an uplink and downlink looks like in terms of data usage and speed. There will be all sorts of data plan and deployment differences, we will go through the details of each by going through hands-on demonstrations with the sensors that we provide. Attendees will be able to compare the different sensors and how they behave on different networks.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the class, you will be able to intimately understand what you get for each type of network given various types of data being fed into them.

What Attendees Bring

Laptop or tablet, anything that can access a webpage.

Knowledge Required

We work with all levels, we get people who have no engineering experience who can figure things out.

Pre-class Set-up

You can log in here and set up an account ahead of the class if you wish.

What Attendees Receive

We will be giving away some amount of sensors for the class.  We may do a drawing depending upon how many people show up, or possibly give everyone a sensor.

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