SmartThings Hands-On: Interacting with IoT Devices with Cloud Agnosticism

UST Room #421

10:15 am - 12:15 pm


How This Fits Into IoT

One of the most critical pieces of the Internet of Things is the capability to interact with items in the physical world using the full power of multiple different toolsets available across the internet from many different providers – this might be termed as, “Cloud Agnosticism.”
When you’re building a house, better house building means being able to use not just a hammer and nails, but also a drill and screws, or rivets, glue, cement, glass, wood – or any material that works best to build your house. Likewise with Internet of Things applications, you may wish to use the toolsets and features from several different cloud service providers – whether it be AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or others.

In short, better implementation means being able to use all of the tools necessary at your disposal.

What Attendees Do

Attendees will build a smart application within the cloud that sends commands, listen to events and has numerous interaction points with an edge device.
We will utilize AWS Lambda to actually deploy these smart apps, which is a serverless architecture that simplifies the process of building the app without having to spin up new servers.  This will allow the class to essentially be cut-and-paste from the standpoint of the coding that is done.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop attendees will have a fully deployed app within the cloud.
We will also ensure that all attendees will have an understanding of what serverless architecture is.
While Samsung SmartThings provides the scaffolding for a beautiful user interface, really what is being learned is how to build, “awareness and control,” within a full IoT system.

What Attendees Bring

Laptop – preferably Mac or Linux, but we can help setup for Windows.  Web Browser.

Knowledge Required

This class will be designed to be fairly cut and paste and psuedo-code legible. One of the tenants of our platform is to be able to work with both beginners and advance so we will bifurcate the class into both beginners and advanced and have modules for each.

Pre-Class Setup

Setup Samsung Account

Ideally, set up an AWS Account:
Install the AWS CLI

What Attendees Receive

Web browser, set up an AWS account and Samsung Account.

Links and Additional Reading Material

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