Wearable Devices Just Might Be the Answer

MCC Room # 208

4:15 pm - 4:45 pm

Imagine this. You are a physician visiting with a patient about their current health. They describe an occasional racing heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, excess sweating, and general lethargy. You suspect atrial fibrillation and prescribe a Holter Monitor. Forty-eight hours later, you review the data and find nothing. Now what?

Continuous, long-term monitoring of heart rhythms is the answer. One day, two days, ten days, forty-five days later, the monitor is still there, unobtrusively capturing your heart rate, analyzing the complex rhythms, and presenting your physician with suspect cardiac rhythms.

Twenty years ago this would have involved a lot of body burden–a large backpack and motorcycle battery–and required complicated technologies to transmit the data to a healthcare provider where it would be painstakingly subject to human review.

Today, we all know this is much simpler. This talk will describe a modern, unobtrusive, body-worn ECG monitoring system developed at the Mayo Clinic Division of Engineering in collaboration with physicians from cardiovascular diseases and cardiology.

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