Edward Sverdlin

Edward Sverdlin
  • Board Member
  • Company: Futurist Academy

I love creating value and positively impacting people’s lives by using technology. I identify, qualify and apply emerging technologies to current challenges in healthcare. Execution and value realization are as important to me as ideation and solution itself.

I am lucky to have worked in technology and in business as an executive and in the trenches: learning technology delivery, operations management, product innovation and business development. I have built a track record of delivery when it matters and learned the following about myself:

I identify and execute on innovative capabilities with returns from $2M to $1B.
– I spend time meeting with a broad range of customers across the enterprise to learn about their problems
– I stay on top of technology trends and get my hands ‘dirty’ tinkering to evaluate true potential
– I quantify and validate business cases early on, ensuring that I work on the right problems
– I create and share compelling vision through narratives that appeal to both executives and technologists

I believe leaders are not appointed. Leaders have followers.
– I lead by example
– I take full accountability for the results
– I don’t just communicate, I create understanding
– I know when to provide detail support and when to step back

I love to learn, tinker, collaborate and innovate
– I believe innovation is 95% learning and listening
– I seek to maximize available future options when making decisions
– I am very bullish on emerging technology’s impact on the world