Eric Nyaribo

Eric Nyaribo
  • Director
  • Company: IoT Fuse

Minnesota Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Data Ninja, Industrial Design & Technology enthusiast with a unique educational background, diverse professional experience, skills, and passion for the customer and consumer guaranteed to add value to any initiative, team and organization

Outstanding written and oral communication skills, and comfortable presenting to and influencing Peers, Technical and Business Leadership

Passionate about Business, and can always be counted on to bring high technical competence and thorough product and process knowledge to every assignment

Outstanding ethnographic researcher adept at collecting meaningful and relevant VOC data, and transforming it into data-driven insights to guide and support simple, scalable, cost-effective and science-based product development of system solutions

Expert user of inferential statistics and data analytics to develop and support timely high quality decisions that balance swiftness with inclusiveness when championing the cause of the customers, the team and the organization

Top performer passionate about business and known for carefully and collaboratively working out compromises and tradeoffs among competing issues such as quality, cost and speed

A manager committed to riding the momentum of small wins to help instill team confidence, and the immediate tangible results of short term goal-setting as platforms for even bigger wins

My philosophy is similar to Voltaire’s – that no problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.

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