Judy Ma

Judy Ma
  • User Experience Creative Director
  • Company: 3M

Speaker Bio

Judy pioneers the role of design within a global healthcare and telecommunication corporations, evolving it from traditional functional design approach to a user centered approach and experience driven decision making that integrates high quality design and technology.

She holds the role of Creative Director heading up the UX design at 3M Health Care. She creates medical products that help prevent infection and promote healing. Oral care solutions that simplify procedures and improve outcomes. Automated intelligence solutions that get the right people the right information right when they need it.

Prior to joining 3M, Judy led UX team at Motorola, has delivered over 90 products in production for more than 100 million users worldwide. She holds the title of “Distinguished Innovator” which represents the top 2% of technology leaders across Motorola. Judy is recognized as a woman holding the most number of patents in Motorola.