Kathy Giori

Kathy Giori
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Company: Mozilla

Goals: develop technology to solve real problems; work with smart people

Arduino.org / dog hunter LLC — VP Operations
Qualcomm Atheros — Sr Product Manager
Sputnik, Inc. — VP of Product Management
SkyPilot Network, Inc. — Director of System Integration and Test
WorkSpot, Inc. — CEO/co-founder
Tele Atlas (formerly Etak/Sony) — Sr Product Manager
SRI International — Sr Research Engineer

MSEE, Stanford University
BSEE, University of Minnesota

Specialties: open source collaboration, maker community enthusiast, embedded Linux platform/sw strategy, securely managed IoT (Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa, NB-IoT) product defn, integration, and test. Effectively uses customer feedback to improve products. Skilled problem solver. Sociable, good communication skills.

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