Madhu Tennakoon

Madhu Tennakoon
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Company: 75F

I am a software developer, an electrical engineer, a researcher, and a dreamer. I love to undertake creative design challenges and I take pride in making things with a purpose.

In the technical arena, I have spent the last five years developing my skill set in software development and testing, rapid prototyping and designing intelligent IoT-enabled systems.

I began as a student researcher at a liberal arts college, where I worked for a particle physicist searching for dark matter. Then I worked for a nuclear physicist who was studying Quark-Gluon Plasma. I gained invaluable experience in programming and hardware testing, and also a deeper understanding of the universe. Perhaps more importantly, I was able to make a lifelong connection with a fantastic group of people who shared my passion for innovation and creativity.

While in electrical engineering school, I quickly developed a fascination for building embedded devices as it allowed me to create something that could bridge software with the physical world. In Spring 2016, I won the IoT Project Showcase for prototyping a smart glove that enabled people to text by flexing their fingers. This inspired me to start a university-funded project that used EMG sensors to recognize gestures via machine learning. Realizing the immense power of artificial intelligence, I decided I wanted to add this to my ‘engineering toolkit’, so during my senior year I helped to develop a computer vision algorithm that could track human behavioral patterns to aid in the diagnosis of disorders such as autism and ADHD. I also worked with a team on a deep learning program which would help to detect sickle cell diseases in mice.

Every single one of these projects brought me immense satisfaction, and helped me realize what I want to achieve in life: I want to learn, I want to collaborate, and I want to invent.

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