Pieter Pienaar

Pieter Pienaar
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Company: Informed Decisions IOT

Speaker Bio

I have been fortunate in my career to have been involved in a number of industries managing projects and business processes. This diverse experience has culminated in me becoming a passionate entrepreneur with the ability to effectively work with all levels of people as well as many sectors and industries. I proud myself in being able to understand business requirements and rely to technical and operational functions. My Project Management background then closes the loop to manage the execution to a successful outcome.

I am a natural born problem solver and my ability to see the big picture in relation to the challenges and the task at hand gives me an advantage in business.

Our company – Informed Decisions is the result of great partners, good understanding of business problems and a exceptional technical capability to answer the burning issues that our customers face. We are committed to drive digital transformation, while creating space for people to learn new skills.