Stevan Vlaovic, PhD

Stevan Vlaovic, PhD
  • SVP Product and Engineering
  • Company: Samsung SmartThings

Stevan joined Samsung SmartThings as the Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering over a year and a half ago to not only help scale the organization, but to bring best in breed Product Development.  Before joining SmartThings, Stevan was the Vice President of Membership Engineering at Netflix for almost 6 years, where he was responsible for identity, account, billing, subscriptions, payments, AB engineering, customer service engineering, and messaging engineering.  As the steward of customer information, Stevan was pivotal in cloud migration, data hygiene, and other data related efforts.  Prior to Netflix, Stevan worked in various technical capacities at Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, Intel, and Silicon Graphics, not to mention a handful of startups, including his own.  Stevan holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Michigan.

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