Vinay Rao

Vinay Rao
  • Engineering Manager, Cloud Connected Device Integrations and Automations
  • Company: Samsung SmartThings

Vinay discovered his passion for IoT while researching interference patterns for connected IoT devices in the 2.4 GHz band with his professor at North Carolina State University. Before joining SmartThings, he spent his weekends building a touchless voice interface, before Amazon Alexa was available, by integrating Moto X and three other services to turn on lights on the SmartThings platform. After joining SmartThings in early 2015, he has worked on integrating Zigbee, LAN and Cloud-connected devices. He recently completed a “Super LAN Connect” project, which completely rearchitected the LAN device integration on the SmartThings platform. He is currently working on performance improvement for Cloud connect devices.

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