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IoT Tops 2015 Healthcare Big Data Analytics Trends

HealthITAnalytics says that 2015 has been a busy year in healthcare big data analytics. They also ask, “What are some of the top trends we’ve seen over the past twelve months?” “As the year comes to a close and the holidays give providers the chance to reflect on their challenges and choices, looks back…

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Local Governments & IoT Solutions

Good article in GCN about how enhancing IT systems for the IoT can help government agencies with cost optimization, citizen services and agency processes: “The growing pressure to embrace the Internet of Things has government agencies at all levels investing more into IT systems capable of supporting IoT growth. A recent report by IDC Government…

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Industrial Internet Will Replace Big Data & IoT

According to new research from GE and Accenture, executives across the Industrial and healthcare sectors see the enormous opportunities of the Industrial Internet and in many cases are deploying the first generation of solutions. The vast majority believe that Big Data analytics has the power to dramatically alter the competitive landscape of industries within just…

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