IoTFuse 2019 Attendee Rating

Conference attendees gave IoTFuse 2019 a 4.3 out of 5! Attendees found this conference and workshops of value in terms of knowledge and quality. Many conference attendees found last years conference of great value and would attend again. IoTFuse  has provided innovators, engineers, tech experts and IoT professionals with tangible knowledge through interactive workshops. Knowledge seekers gain insights on where the industry is going by attending educational sessions on various topics related to IoT including security, technology, IoT devices, and Artificial Intelligence. Every year we strive to bring you the newest and most relevant connected knowledge by recruiting a variety of speakers from different fields related to technology.

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What are our Attendees saying?


“Good number of attendees representing a wide variety of solid companies. Nice variety of speakers that appeal to both technical and non-technical folks alike.”



“The workshops are my favorite part, really enjoy getting my hands on new tech and be able to get first hand experience. The hardware giveaways are really nice too.”


“Excellent topics. One of the best conferences I’ve attended in several years.”


“The range of topics. Everything from what is IoT to how the IoT is being applied across various businesses.”


“I found people to be friendly and approachable. Many people were willing to “hear us out”… our offering is a little complex (not a comodity) so having time to explain was really helpful. The event was well organized, and the folks running it were really ‘solution centric’ – good event!”

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